Safety Courses are back! 15/11 and 22/11

Paintball Safety Courses Firstly, we want to acknowledge all the people that have enquired about the paintball safety courses since the lockdowns started in March. In any other year, this would have represented a huge amount of players and teams that would have entered the sport. Unfortunately a turd of a virus had other ideas … Continued

Changes to Paintball Licensing Rules in Victoria

There have been some important changes to firearm licenses that will have an impact on paintball dealers and license holders. These changes are good for paintball as they help smooth licensing processes and further distinguish paintball markers from guns and other forms of firearms. Some of the highlights of the changes that impact paintball in … Continued

Changes to Advertising of Paintball Markers in Victoria.

Advertising Paintball Markers in Victoria There has been a big change as far as the rules surrounding the advertising and selling of paintball markers in Victoria. Beyond paintball these changes impact the sale and advertising of all firearms in Victoria. So lets open with the big one…. Advertising Online. Paintball markers and firearms can now … Continued

Melbourne Paintball League – Round 2 – 2/10/16

Melbourne Paintball League – Round 2 With the success of round 1 of the Melbourne Paintball League, Round 2 has come up on us very quickly. We already have at least 3 new players that will be joining the Victorian paintball community. Once again, if players have some spare gear to bring so that we … Continued

Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne – Paintball league

Melbourne Paintball League We have finalised the details of the new Paintball League that we are launching from September. Our main goal with the league is to have a regular training and competition to allow new players to enter the sport. We also want to make sure that existing players get something out of the … Continued

How do I get my paintball marker license in Victoria

We are often asked if people can buy their own paintball gun in Victoria. If you are looking to play more competition paintball in Melbourne you will ultimately need to get your Category P license. Prior to 1996 you could buy a paintball marker (gun) using a category A or A/B license. From 1996 onward … Continued