Changes to Paintball Licensing Rules in Victoria

There have been some important changes to firearm licenses that will have an impact on paintball dealers and license holders.
These changes are good for paintball as they help smooth licensing processes and further distinguish paintball markers from guns and other forms of firearms.

Some of the highlights of the changes that impact paintball in Victoria:

Paintball Dealer specific licenses.

Probably the most significant change that has snuck into existence. Paintball operators have long been required to hold a firearm dealer licence irrespective of whether they transact firearms as part of their day to day operation. Most if not all operators only hold the dealers licence for the purpose of operating a paintball facility and this change now reflects that. Paintball operators are now able to obtain a paintball only dealers license that allows them to run a paintball facility and trade paintball markers specifically. This licence is also significantly cheaper than the traditional dealers license, relieving a significant overhead for paintball operators. Snipers Den welcomes this change and will aim to convert the license as soon as possible.

Electronic License Application

First, the good news. Firearm licence applications have now gone digital. This means that you no longer need to submit paper applications for your firearms license. This should speed up the process significantly and allow simple firearm license renewal and licence applications. The bad news it it has not yet rolled out for paintball marker license applications as yet. We can only assume that it wont be far off. We look forward to a simplified and streamlined system. We will update this post as updates occur.