New Paintball Fields Open

Snipers Den is very proud to showcase the 2 new fields we have opened. We have spent many many months designing, building and testing the 2 playing fields. Tactical Ops is a full tactical urban paintball scenario. The angles of buildings, doorways and windows create constantly changing angles and targets. We have learned that teams … Continued

Pavs Tournament R5

The final round of the Paintball Association of Victoria (PAVs) competition was held at Snipers Den on 28th Oct 2012. The PAVs series is the leading 5 v 5 paintball tournament in Victoria. 18 of the best Victorian paintball teams attended with fantastic competition throughout the day. The 18 paintball teams were split into 2 … Continued


Snipers Den would like to thank you for taking the time to read the new Snipers Den Blog. This blog is designed to provide an information resource to the paintball community as well as anyone interested in paintball sessions. Over time we will use this blog to explore the different paintball fields at Snipers Den … Continued