Pavs Tournament R5

The final round of the Paintball Association of Victoria (PAVs) competition was held at Snipers Den on 28th Oct 2012.

The PAVs series is the leading 5 v 5 paintball tournament in Victoria. 18 of the best Victorian paintball teams attended with fantastic competition throughout the day. The 18 paintball teams were split into 2 divisions with 6 teams in Div 1 and 12 in Div 2.

It was incredibly close between all teams in both divisions and after a season of fierce paintball competition the final result came down to the finest of margins.

Division 1 was taken out by HAVOC, a paintball team consisting of mainly paintball veterans. They proved that sometimes paintball tactics and cunning can win the day. Their win took them to 2nd place for the season behind Hustle who have dominated Victorian paintball over the last 12 months.

In division 2 the day was decided on count back over the day. Only a handful of games separated the teams between 1st and 5th. H20 narrowly beat Tension for the win with special mention to SnG who came in 5th after winning the first 5 games unbeaten.

Special mention to SE Syndicate who took out the Hookem cup for the fairest and best team on the day.