Registration for Vic5s tournament

Please fill out the form to register for the upcoming Vic5s paintball tournament. We will send an invoice to teams shortly. [gravityform id=”3″ title=”true” description=”true”]

Vic5s Tournament Entry Summary

2017 Vic5s Tournament Rundown A quick collection of where we are up to with the Vic 5s coming up. A few things have changed since last year which changes the nature of how it all plays out. To clear confusion… here is where we are up to. 1. One Day event Vic 5s Paintball Tournament … Continued

Melbourne Paintball League – Round 2 – 2/10/16

Melbourne Paintball League – Round 2 With the success of round 1 of the Melbourne Paintball League, Round 2 has come up on us very quickly. We already have at least 3 new players that will be joining the Victorian paintball community. Once again, if players have some spare gear to bring so that we … Continued

Melbourne Paintball League : Round 1 update

Melbourne Paintball League – Round 1 update Overview On the 11/9/16 Snipers Den launched the first round of the Melbourne Paintball League for the first time in Victoria. The idea was to provide a launchpad for new players getting into the sport and to that end it was more successful than we could have hoped. … Continued

Melbourne Paintball League – Opening Round – 11/9/16

Melbourne Paintball League The first round of the Melbourne Paintball League is rapidly approaching on the 11/9/2016. We would like to see as many teams and players take advantage of the League to add a new element and focus to their paintball training. There are a few things that we are aiming to achieve with … Continued

Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne – Paintball league

Melbourne Paintball League We have finalised the details of the new Paintball League that we are launching from September. Our main goal with the league is to have a regular training and competition to allow new players to enter the sport. We also want to make sure that existing players get something out of the … Continued

Rebuilding Paintball in Victoria – Paintball Melbourne

Competition Paintball is a great sport. Once people enter the Australian Paintball and get established onto a team they tend to be around the sport for a relatively long time. With that said – the sport has some problems that are blocking new players from getting involved, playing a team and developing into a player … Continued

How do I get my paintball marker license in Victoria

We are often asked if people can buy their own paintball gun in Victoria. If you are looking to play more competition paintball in Melbourne you will ultimately need to get your Category P license. Prior to 1996 you could buy a paintball marker (gun) using a category A or A/B license. From 1996 onward … Continued

Paintball to move to 16 in Victoria!

This week there was a major movement in the age limit legislation relating to paintball in Victoria. We have seen an amendment added to the Justice Legislation Bill 2015 – proposing the age for paintball ion Victoria will drop from 18 to 16. As the Bill had already passed the lower house the time frame … Continued

How Snipers Den chose their Melbourne Paintball location

Prior to establishing Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne at the current Moorabbin location we looked at a number of options. We considered opening an indoor venue but quickly decided that outdoor paintball was the better option. I explored outdoor vs indoor paintball in this previous blog post. We decided that we wanted to be as close … Continued