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Paintball Breakout Vic5s Tournament

Vic 3s Rego Time – 15/8/21

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Vic 3s time!


New Date! 15/8/21

Let’s do it! Time to get some regos in and have a great little event.

Price will be $250 rego / entry per team and we will iron out paint in the next few weeks.

Let us know if there is a particular paint that you would like and we will do our best (zero guarantees).

Vic 3s 2021

Team Name(Required)
Contact Name(Required)
Preferred Paint



we are open

Snipers Den – Back in Business

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Hi to all who have been waiting for an excuse to get out and about again.

It’s safe to say it’s been a long year for us and it’s nice to be having customers through again.

So we are good to go! No limitation of 10 anymore.

So… Let’s Bring it on! Time for us to catch-up on all the birthday parties, work functions and bucks parties that we have missed out on all year.

Word has already gotten out and we are booking out fast so get in quick to avoid disappointment!


See you all soon!

paintball safety course

Safety Courses are back! 15/11 and 22/11

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Paintball Safety Courses

Firstly, we want to acknowledge all the people that have enquired about the paintball safety courses since the lockdowns started in March. In any other year, this would have represented a huge amount of players and teams that would have entered the sport. Unfortunately a turd of a virus had other ideas and stopped the safety courses in their tracks as well as the rest of our industry.
But things are looking up and we are starting to kick off the safety courses again.

The next 2 dates that we will run are :
Sunday 15/11/20 – 12.30pm
Sunday 22/11/20 – 12.30pm
We will look to add some more in the coming weeks if people cannot do Sundays.

What do I need?

Course cost is $30
Bring Photo ID such as drivers license
Takes about 1-1.5 hours + the test.
To Book – SMS Mathew on 0408535421 with the session that you would like to join.

Because Covid is a thing..

Bring and wear a face mask for the duration of the test.
We will be ensuring social distancing occurs throughout the course and test.
The course will be completed outdoors to help meet our requirements.
All participants will need to sign in at reception for contact tracing purposes.
Both sessions are limited to 10 people but we will add other timers if needed.

Cheers, hope to see you all soon!

tournament competition paintball league

Try Tournament Paintball – 11 Aug 2019

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The paintball training days keep getting bigger and better.

If you are interested in seeing and having a go of paintball as a sport, this is for you.
$20 for the day including gear hire, with paintballs at tournament rates (much cheaper than normal).
There will be training drills and games throughout the day.

This event will be run by Cartel – one of the premier Victorian competition teams.

Please fill out the form below if you are a new player wishing to attend so we can get a handle on numbers.


Changes to Paintball Licensing Rules in Victoria

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There have been some important changes to firearm licenses that will have an impact on paintball dealers and license holders.
These changes are good for paintball as they help smooth licensing processes and further distinguish paintball markers from guns and other forms of firearms.

Some of the highlights of the changes that impact paintball in Victoria:

Paintball Dealer specific licenses.

Probably the most significant change that has snuck into existence. Paintball operators have long been required to hold a firearm dealer licence irrespective of whether they transact firearms as part of their day to day operation. Most if not all operators only hold the dealers licence for the purpose of operating a paintball facility and this change now reflects that. Paintball operators are now able to obtain a paintball only dealers license that allows them to run a paintball facility and trade paintball markers specifically. This licence is also significantly cheaper than the traditional dealers license, relieving a significant overhead for paintball operators. Snipers Den welcomes this change and will aim to convert the license as soon as possible.

Electronic License Application

First, the good news. Firearm licence applications have now gone digital. This means that you no longer need to submit paper applications for your firearms license. This should speed up the process significantly and allow simple firearm license renewal and licence applications. The bad news it it has not yet rolled out for paintball marker license applications as yet. We can only assume that it wont be far off. We look forward to a simplified and streamlined system. We will update this post as updates occur.

paintball bucks party group

Paintball bucks party ideas in Melbourne – a day to remember

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If you’re organising a bucks party in Melbourne, you’re going to be under a lot of pressure to make it memorable, fun and exciting. After all, this is the last time the groom will be single. Once they’ve crossed the threshold to married life, they’ll be all grown up – like a proper adult. So it’s up to you to make their bachelor party fabulous and unforgettable! Say goodbye to the clichéd bucks nights held on stinky party buses or in a dark bars drinking beer. Snipers Den paintball bucks party packages are easy to organise and a guaranteed way to make sure the bachelor has the best bucks party in Melbourne.

What happens at a paintball bucks party?

Dressed in tournament standard gear, your bucks party gets access to 7 acres of pro-level paintball playing fields. With fully trained professional referees supervising all paintball games, our focus is always ‘safety first’ with shooting stopped within 8 metres. Worried about pain or marks being left behind? The likelihood of this happening is minimised because we only use a premier paintball brand that breaks easily upon impact.

While we know the buck is the centre of attention for the day, our bucks paintball games aren’t all about shooting them down. Our most popular paintball games at bachelor parties include “The Bucks Run” and “Virus”. “The Bucks Run” is a short and quick paintball game where the buck has to run from Point A to Point B without getting shot. Playing “The Virus” paintball game after “The Bucks Run” gives the buck the opportunity for revenge. Anyone who gets shot by the buck becomes a part of their team. The buck celebrates victory when everyone has been shot with paintballs!

Our paintball bachelor parties aren’t about having beers before or during the paintball session. As we’re not a licensed liquor venue, all players must have a legal requirement to be 0.00 BAC before and during playing. And if the buck or his fiancé is worried about his ‘family jewels’ being safe, we’ve got cups available to purchase for protection.

Group photos of a paintball bucks party

Group photos of a paintball bucks party at Snipers Den

Go here to see more photos on the Snipers Den Facebook page here

The perfect bucks experience starts here

Want your bachelor party to be fun and run smoothly? We’ve hosted hundreds of successful bucks parties and are passionate about delivering the best bucks experience possible. Our family run paintball business is easily accessible in a central location opposite Moorabbin Airport. From our top quality paintball gear, commitment to safety and simple pricing structure, our Melbourne bucks parties are exciting and memorable. Got questions about our bucks party packages? Send us an email or call 1800 SNIPER

Melbourne Paintball Tournament Breakout

Vic5s Registration – May 19 2019

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Vic5s Paintball Tournament Registration.
May 19 2019

We are looking forward to seeing you all back for  the Vic5s paintball tournament Series.

Please help us out by getting the registrations ASAP so we can sort out the paint order and referees.
Format will be Race to 3, M500 format with a cap on paintballs to be used per team over the tournament.

Registration fees are as follows :

$1500 per team for Div 1 – Includes 14 boxes of high quality tournament paintballs (Marbalizer or equivalent)

$1000 per team for Div 2 – Includes 10 boxes of high quality tournament paintballs (Marbalizer or equivalent)

Teams making finals will receive 1 extra box of paintballs.

On the day :

Gates Open at 7am
Captains meeting at 8am
First Game at 8.30

Please fill out the form below to enter your team in the paintball Tournament.


Selling paintball markers on facebook.

Changes to Advertising of Paintball Markers in Victoria.

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Advertising Paintball Markers in Victoria

There has been a big change as far as the rules surrounding the advertising and selling of paintball markers in Victoria.
Beyond paintball these changes impact the sale and advertising of all firearms in Victoria.

So lets open with the big one….

Advertising Online.

Paintball markers and firearms can now be advertised online and no longer need to be done through a club or sport shooting magazine.
There is no longer a restriction on where paintball markers and firearms can be advertised. You can now advertise your paintball marker on facebook, gumtree, ebay etc without an issue.
There are certain rules that you will need to follow (refer below) but it is far more open than it has ever been.

Here is an excerpt from the announcement on the Victoria Police website.

“Places where Advertisements can be made

From May 2018, the advertisement of firearms for sale will no longer be limited publications of approved clubs or commercially published firearm or sport shooting magazines.

This means firearms can be advertised for sale anywhere, including online, provided that the advertisement details the serial number of the firearm for sale and the dealer’s details or the owner’s licence number as required.

Advertisements listed on third-party trading websites such as Gumtree or eBay will still need to comply with the service provider’s terms and conditions of use.”
Link to Victoria Police Announcement


Who can advertise paintball markers for Sale in Victoria?

If you own a paintball marker in Victoria, you can advertise if for sale. You no longer need to have a firearm dealer advertise a paintball marker on your behalf.
In the paintball industry, we unfortunately have not had the depth that is necessary to produce the magazines or sales infrastructure needed and the ability to advertise has been borderline impossible. Individuals can now advertise directly online or elsewhere provided that it includes the following information :

  1. A statement confirming that it will be sold through a dealer. (I would recommend nominating the dealer)
  2. Serial Number of firearm
  3. Sellers license number (don’t put other details such as exp date though)

Here is the wording from the Victoria police website:

“From May 2018, it will no longer be an offence for a person who is not a Licensed Firearms Dealer to advertise the sale of firearms if they include the following details in the advertisement:

  1. A statement that the proposed sale is to be arranged (i.e. brokered) through a Licensed Firearm Dealer (see s.101(1)(b) of the Firearms Act 1996);
  2. The serial number of the firearm being offered for sale (see s.101(3)(a) of the Firearms Act 1996); and
  3. The registered owner’s licence number (see s.101(3)(b) of the Firearms Act 1996).

Changes to rules on advertising do not:

  • Alter the requirement of the buyer to be correctly licenced to possess use and carry the firearm; or
  • Remove the requirement for firearms to be transferred between the seller and the buyer through a Licensed Firearms Dealer using a Permit to Acquire.”
    Link to Victoria Police Announcement

Some other changes to advertising of paintball markers

A few other small points that I have picked up which are quite interesting.

  1. You can advertise a paintball marker or firearm on behalf of someone else even if you do not hold the appropriate licence – so long as you are not in possession of it.
    “A person other than the licensed owner of a firearm can advertise the firearm for sale at the request of the owner, however, the person who placed the advertisement cannot keep the firearm in their possession unless they are also a licence holder who holds the same category of licence as the firearms being offered for sale and the capacity to store the firearms in accordance with Schedule 4 of the Firearms Act 1996.”
  2. If a Firearm dealer advertises the paintball marker for sale, they need to include the firearm dealer number, Serial number of marker and Licence of the actual owner.

Contact Snipers Den to arrange a transfer

We have the ability for firearm storage and transfers onsite now so the process is super smooth. Book your PTA electronically and get it all done onsite.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Get selling!

Get ready to buy!


Ryan Greenspan Q&A

Ryan Greenspan Interview – Q&A

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Ryan Greenspan Q&A Interview

Ryan Greenspan was nice enough to answer some questions for us in the lead up to the Clinic this weekend. It certainly gives a great insight as to the approach Ryan takes to training and the sport and only makes me more excited to see how it all goes on the weekend. Remember, there is still time to register

Ryan Greenspan Q&A

Ryan Greenspan Q and A


How important is fitness to compete at the top level in paintball? What does your fitness training consist of?

It is not extremely important to be able to compete at the top level, but it certainly helps to give you an edge.  I know plenty of players who don’t care about what they eat.  I don’t think Alex Fraige has exercised in over a decade.  With that said, i am active nearly every day, unless I am on a flight that takes up a full day.  I eat clean and healthy when i am home and I try my hardest to eat well on the road.  in the summer I swim every day.  In the spring and fall I surf a lot and several times a month I do sprints to stay quick

What are some of your favourite exercises for explosive moves? 

Hill sprints are the absolute best for explosiveness.


What era of paintball was his favourite? And/or what was your favourite tournament format? 

I do really enjoy the race to format that we are in at the moment. I am not a huge fan of 15bps, but I do like unlimited paint.  7-man events were really fun also because of the strategy involved, but I do think that this is some of the best paintball being played skill wise.


Do you think tournaments should go to limited paint format? 

I like the idea, sorta. But I don’t see it really helping the teams like the leagues said it would. It does promote movement, kinda


Is there ever any talks about pro players signing contracts like other professional sports? 

I wish!


What’s the most important thing to do when in a low body situation (1v3, 2v5, etc)

1v3, good luck! try isolating the single player and try to be aggressive.  Don’t get a penalty.  2v5 cross up and try to whittle the other team down as much as you can.  If you are up on points, grind down the clock.  If you are down on points, then attack.


What was your favorite match you ever played in? How about watched? 

I can’t even remember at this point, you guys would have to tell me to be honest! As far as watching, there have been a lot of great matches against teams like infamous and Heat and impact.  I am going to let you guys choose that for me!


How did you first get into paintball, how do we get more people into the sport? 

I started with some friends at a local field and then played a lot in my backyard.  I think the important thing is to make sure that every new player and existing player has a good experience.  I think that a good experience will translate to more people talking about paintball and playing paintball.  Another thing that will help the experience of new players is decent paint.  We can’t have field operators sacrificing the quality of paint for a few bucks on their bottom line. I think having brightly colored paintballs and fill greatly increases the experience of the rec ball player.  If they shoot crooked brown shell shit with grey milky  fill then they have no clue what is going on out there.


A lot of reasons have been given trying to explain the reduction in paintball participation from where it was 10+ years ago. What do you think? 

I don’t think paintball is dying at all.  I think recball is going very well and i think some tournament players aren’t spending as much money as they used to, but that has to do to a lack of innovation in the products they’re buying.  I think the cost of paintball has gone down a lot in the last 10 years, but so have the margins within the industry due to competitiveness.  I have discussed this a lot and it is hard to figure out…

Greenspan Marcello Clinic

Dynasty Clinic with Ryan Greenspan and Marcello Margott at Snipers Den Paintball 27th MAY

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We are super happy to announce that we will be joined by 2 of the very best paintball players in the world on the 27th May.
After an awesome win NXL and a great performance in the Millennium series in France Ryan Greenspan and Marcello Margott are coming to Snipers Den to run a paintball clinic.

Spots are going to be limited to 45 for the event and with the interest we have already received we expect to book out.

The price for the paintball clinic is $150 per person. This will cover the full day clinic,box of HK paintballs, event shirt and a basic BBQ lunch.

We will need a deposit of $50 before the day to confirm your spot and remainder can be paid on the day.
Deposit can be paid in person or through PayPal. Use the account for Paypal payments.
If you need to make alternative payment arrangements, please get in contact.

Hope you are all as excited about this clinic as we are!