Paintball to move to 16 in Victoria!

This week there was a major movement in the age limit legislation relating to paintball in Victoria. We have seen an amendment added to the Justice Legislation Bill 2015 – proposing the age for paintball ion Victoria will drop from 18 to 16. As the Bill had already passed the lower house the time frame … Continued

Feb update on paintball age limit in Vic

Sadly not a great piece of news relating to to the legislation looking to lower the age of paintball in Victoria. We were officially notified today that the Justice Legislation Amendment (Firearms and other matters) Bill 2014 has officially lapsed. This means that it will not proceed in its present form. Hon Wade Noonan MP … Continued

Update to the Paintball Age limit Change in Victoria

Unfortunately it is official…. The reduction in the legal age for paintball will not go through before the election in November. This has lead to some concern that a potential change of government in Victoria could easily derail the bill. As a result Snipers Den in partnership with the Paintball Association of Victoria contacted the … Continued