Feb update on paintball age limit in Vic

Sadly not a great piece of news relating to to the legislation looking to lower the age of paintball in Victoria.

We were officially notified today that the Justice Legislation Amendment (Firearms and other matters) Bill 2014 has officially lapsed. This means that it will not proceed in its present form.

Hon Wade Noonan MP has stated that he will continue to work with stakeholders in relation to firearms matters. Prior to the election he confirmed support for the lowering of the age limit and hopefully this is reflected in future bills as they are introduced.

What this means –
1. There is likely to be a significant delay to any change to the age limit as this now requires completely fresh legislation to be introduced.

2. We will continue to engage with Hon Wade Noonan MP in conjunction with PAVs, other organisations and individuals to assist in the development of legislation that will benefit the industry.

I will of course update you all on any fresh changes as they occur.



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