Paintball bucks party ideas in Melbourne – a day to remember

If you’re organising a bucks party in Melbourne, you’re going to be under a lot of pressure to make it memorable, fun and exciting. After all, this is the last time the groom will be single. Once they’ve crossed the threshold to married life, they’ll be all grown up – like a proper adult. So it’s up to you to make their bachelor party fabulous and unforgettable! Say goodbye to the clichéd bucks nights held on stinky party buses or in a dark bars drinking beer. Snipers Den paintball bucks party packages are easy to organise and a guaranteed way to make sure the bachelor has the best bucks party in Melbourne.

What happens at a paintball bucks party?

Dressed in tournament standard gear, your bucks party gets access to 7 acres of pro-level paintball playing fields. With fully trained professional referees supervising all paintball games, our focus is always ‘safety first’ with shooting stopped within 8 metres. Worried about pain or marks being left behind? The likelihood of this happening is minimised because we only use a premier paintball brand that breaks easily upon impact.

While we know the buck is the centre of attention for the day, our bucks paintball games aren’t all about shooting them down. Our most popular paintball games at bachelor parties include “The Bucks Run” and “Virus”. “The Bucks Run” is a short and quick paintball game where the buck has to run from Point A to Point B without getting shot. Playing “The Virus” paintball game after “The Bucks Run” gives the buck the opportunity for revenge. Anyone who gets shot by the buck becomes a part of their team. The buck celebrates victory when everyone has been shot with paintballs!

Our paintball bachelor parties aren’t about having beers before or during the paintball session. As we’re not a licensed liquor venue, all players must have a legal requirement to be 0.00 BAC before and during playing. And if the buck or his fiancé is worried about his ‘family jewels’ being safe, we’ve got cups available to purchase for protection.

Group photos of a paintball bucks party
Group photos of a paintball bucks party at Snipers Den

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The perfect bucks experience starts here

Want your bachelor party to be fun and run smoothly? We’ve hosted hundreds of successful bucks parties and are passionate about delivering the best bucks experience possible. Our family run paintball business is easily accessible in a central location opposite Moorabbin Airport. From our top quality paintball gear, commitment to safety and simple pricing structure, our Melbourne bucks parties are exciting and memorable. Got questions about our bucks party packages? Send us an email or call 1800 SNIPER

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