Bucks party paintball

There comes a time when a bachelor is on the verge of crossing a special threshold. Upon crossing that threshold, they’re no longer going to be the man about town. They’re no longer going to be the ‘playa’.

They’re going to get married! Hitched and hooked up for good! All grown up!

For most guys, this is a one-time thing which makes it a one time opportunity for an EPIC paintball bucks party!

There really isn’t a better way to get all your closest mates together to celebrate the bucks incoming big day.

Snipers Den offers 7 acres of professional level playing fields for huge paintball bucks party groups to play on. We offer premium brand paintballs and tournament calibre paintball gear — at the most affordable prices in Melbourne.

You can’t fire paintballs at the pub! And when will the buck dress like this ever again?

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Bucks party paintball games

Now, if you’re reading this page and you’re turned off by stories of other bucks you know getting brutalised at paintball parties, you don’t need to worry.

We don’t do this at Snipers Den.

The buck will be hit with paintballs as he would in any paintball game but as always, our focus is on safety first. It’s not all about shooting the buck down. Our objective is to see the buck have an awesome time as the centre of attention for that day, NOT get shot to hell.

Our fully-trained professional referees are here to ensure everyone has a great time while maintaining the highest safety standards. If the buck doesn’t want to dress up, he doesn’t have to, really!

Our bucks party games keep everything balanced. Or…as balanced as the buck wants…

Some of our favourite bucks games include “The Bucks Run” where the buck runs from point A to point B and avoids getting shot by paintballs as much as possible. Quick and short.

Another favourite is “Virus”. This is where the buck gets to have his revenge! Anyone the buck shoots will immediately join his team. When the buck has shot everyone with paintballs it’s victory for the buck!

Ready for a paintball bucks party?

We know the buck is. We can’t wait to throw your paintball bucks party at Snipers Den to celebrate!

Feel free to make a booking if you’re good to go. If you have any questions or want to know more about pricing, click the buttons below.