Awesome Paintball Experience

At Snipers Den, our top priority is to give you an awesome paintball experience without emptying your wallet. Our paintball prices are the most affordable in Melbourne.

Best of all, we’ve kept the paintball pricing schemes super simple so you can get to the paintball action faster. Everyone can come and have a great time without breaking the bank.

For any game you play at the Snipers Den, you get premium paintballs from a premium brand — it’s ultra fresh paint. You get tournament standard gear and professional level fields to play on.

Our fully-trained, friendly, professional staff will see that you have a totally thrilling day while ensuring your complete safety.

Some companies charge sky-high paintball prices but this isn’t us!

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Simple, easy to understand paintball prices

Paintball pricing schemes can get pretty complicated — but not at Snipers Den. We like to make things easy.

Get started with your booking — $20 deposit per person

Before arriving at Snipers Den, a $20 deposit per person will lock down your big day of paintball thrills. The deposit also covers the cost of a Power Paintball Pack.

The $20 Power Paintball Pack will get you:

  • A tournament calibre paintball gun — for accurate, speedy firing upon your friends!
  • A top quality fog-free full-face mask — to keep your face pretty!
  • Full body urban camo overalls — to protect you from direct paintball impact!
  • Unlimited compressed air — for non-stop shooting!

On arrival

When you get to Snipers Den you pick up your Power Paintball Pack and purchase some paintball ammo. If you want the most exciting paintball day you’ve ever had, we recommend purchasing more than a single pod.

100 Paintballs $15

Pick your optional extras

Finger-less gloves are available for $15. They’ll keep your hands safe from paintball impacts. For obvious reasons, we don’t rent out boxes, but for a measly $5 you’ll be making sure the most important area of your body is well and truly protected.

Paintball Gloves and Boxes

Gloves $15

Box $5

Our awesome $80 WEEKDAY SPECIAL (Mondays to Fridays)

If you’re taking a day off work or if you’re on a holiday you might fancy a midweek skirmish.

Between Mondays and Fridays, you’ll get everything you need for an all out paintball blast for only $80.
*Not applicable on public holidays

This paintball price is unbeatable. The $80 Weekday Special gets you:

  • A tournament calibre paintball gun
  • Top quality fog-free full-face mask
  • Full body urban camo overalls
  • Unlimited compressed air
  • AND 500 paintballs!

A few things to keep in mind

  • We highly recommend purchasing at least a few hundred paintballs before games begin to make sure your day is as exciting as possible.
  • After your games begin, a pod of 100 paintballs will cost $20.
  • We’ll refund your money for unused paintballs as long as the full pods remain intact or if you’ve prepaid for your paintballs.
  • The paintball gun, mask and overalls must be returned to Snipers Den at the end of your day.
  • Be aware that the midweek package is not applicable to public holidays and a minimum package of 500 paintballs per person applies.