Birthday party paintball

If you have a friend or family member’s big day coming up and you’re not sure how to celebrate, look no further. A paintball birthday party is the perfect solution.

Seriously! What better way is there to get a small army of friends and family together for a good run around in the open air?

Trying to book some party venues for large groups may be challenging simply because they can’t accommodate the amount of people you want. And if they can, it hurts your wallet big time.

Snipers Den offers 7 acres of professional level playing fields for groups of up to 36 to play at any given time. If your group is over 15 you can play your session privately if you want.

Paintballing at Snipers Den is a great way to get a huge birthday party group together, all in the one place, for incredible fast-paced, physical fun — at a price that won’t hurt your wallet.

You get premium paintballs and tournament calibre gear for the most affordable prices in Melbourne.

It’s especially awesome for the person who’s having their birthday. The birthday person is treated like a paintball god!

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junior paintball
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junior paintball

Your safety is our priority

Snipers Den has been running paintball birthday parties for a long, long time.

f you’re worried about your teenage son or daughter, be assured our referees are fully-trained professionals. Their overarching objective is to make sure everyone has a great time paintballing — in the safest way possible.

All referees will ensure that anyone going on the paintball field is wearing a full-face mask at all times as well as full-body overalls for protection.

If you want to take it easy while the younger ones go all out on the field, there’s a spectator area for you to relax.

A paintball birthday party is incomplete without BBQ and cake to celebrate!

Like we said earlier, Snipers Den has been running paintball birthday parties for the best part of a decade. We’ve run thousands of them and we’re not looking to slow down.

We LOVE seeing our customers have an awesome time on their big day. We know that an epic BBQ and birthday cake to cap off the day is all part of this.

Birthday groups get their use of the BBQ totally FREE. BYO meat and utensils, we will get it hot and ready to go for you so that you can throw the meat on as soon as the group starts to wrap up.

We’re not bakers or cake experts so we don’t supply your cake, but if you bring a birthday cake along, we’re happy to store it in the fridge.

At the end of your games, we’ll bring out the birthday cake and get the celebrations going for you!

Want a paintball birthday party?

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