At Snipers Den we strive to provide the lowest prices for paintball gear in Melbourne, while still offering only the highest quality in our service, gear and playing fields.

Our staff is comprised of tournament players who know that reliably performing gear such as a professional paintball gun (also known as paintball markers officially), clear vision anti-fog mask and solid chest protection armour are necessary for a complete experience. Nothing will ruin a heated match quicker than having your gear fail in the field, or missing that bullseye because your paintball gun wasn’t accurate enough. This undermines any all-out assault or strategic attack.

That’s why we strive to stock only the top paintball gear in Victoria, brands trusted by tournament players around the world:

  • Meteor
  • Elixir
  • VForce
  • Tippmann and more

Paintball Gun

Obviously paintball guns are the essential tools of the game and the Tippmann 98 Platinum paintball gun is a world famous marker with a reputation for its durability, accuracy and speed of shooting (over eight rounds per second). Paintball guns are upgradable upon request.

Snipers Den Paintball


Many of our fields are themed after urban operation environments, and so we offer full-length urban camouflage overalls to provide you with cover during your assault. Our camouflage paintball gear features double padding up top and extra padding around the neck to ensure you compete safely and free from injury.

Snipers Den Paintball

Anti-Fog Masks

There’s nothing worse than being in the midst of full scale assault and not being able to see your opponents. That’s why we provide the VForce Vantage masks. They’re safe, easy to use and we guarantee they won’t fog up in the heat of battle, so you’ll have a clear view down the barrel of your paintball gun and defeat your opponents.

Snipers Den Paintball

Chest Protection

Women who visit the Snipers Den will receive additional chest protection at no additional charge as part of any equipment hire.

Paintball Chest Protection

Gloves and Boxes

We don’t rent out our boxes (for obvious reasons), but do have them for purchase for the low price of $5. A small price to pay to play without worry. Our fingerless gloves are perfect for protecting your hands and allowing you easy access to reloads and gear manipulations and is available at $15.

Snipers Den Paintball


If you’ve ever participated in the sport before, you’ll know that low-quality paint can lead to the breakdown or poor performance of your paintball markers and unnecessary time spent on the sidelines instead of in the action. That’s why we stock premium ammunition that breaks easily on impact, also reducing pain or associated markings from impact.

Snipers Den Paintball

Ammunition / Pod Packs

You’re storming the opponent’s side, but your paintball gun is empty. The last thing you’ll want to do is spend precious seconds or even minutes digging through gear bags for a fresh supply of ammunition. Carry your ammunition onto the field around your waist in a tournament pack. Never run out of ammo again, especially in the heat of battle.

Playing a few rounds in the dynamic Melbourne countryside, close to the CBD, is a wonderful experience for casual players or serious competitors alike. Don’t let the joys of a wonderful match outdoors be tarnished by faulty paintball gear. At Snipers Den we’re committed to always making sure you have the best deal for paintball markers, camo, visors and more.

For more information on our equipment or to book a field today give us a call on 1800 SNIPER or 9568 3969 or use our online contact form here.