Snipers Den features professional paintball fields for Melbourne area players of all skill levels and interest. Each of our competitive zones is varied in terrain, obstacles, and layout as well as the strategic goal of the course. Conveniently located 30 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, our fields are the closest to the town centre and are a favourite location for professional competitions as well as corporate events.

You can always be sure of three things when you play at Snipers Den:

  • We offer a professional service and experience at all times
  • You’ll experience an unmatched level of fun
  • And you’ll play on a course where your safety is taken as seriously as the amount of fun you can have on it.

Though we’re known for cheap paintball minutes from downtown Melbourne, each of our five tournament ready zones are considered by many players to be amongst the best in Victoria. Read about each of our areas below:

Courage Under Fire

Our Courage Under Fire field was designed to recreate an urban combat environment complete with graffiti covered obstacles adding a colourful accent to the combat zone. Your team fights through various obstacles in route to the opposing squad. The CUF zone rewards a full-on paintball skirmish and only those brave enough to engage the opposing forces where they’re most vulnerable. Our urban combat zone features tonnes of space and is considered a premium outdoor paintball field incorporating both open and closed combat attacks.

50 Piece Sup Air Tournament Field

Currently the largest, most comprehensive tournament field in Victoria, the 50 Piece Sup Air Tournament field is a favourite paintball skirmish battleground for both the casual and hard core player. Developed by our staff, who frequently competes in local and regional tournaments, players must master a blend of strategy and bold, gutsy moves to conquer this premium outdoor paintball field.

Heaven & Hell

For players looking to utilise more strategy in their paintball skirmish over brute force, our Heaven & Hell field is the perfect outdoor paintball field. The only way to ensure your flag is the last to remain is to focus your efforts on team planning and coordination. Arranged into a clever triangle with plenty of angles and creative cover locations, this is a difficult field for camping out. Those with excellent sniping abilities will be able to dominate this outdoor paintball field and ultimately win the day.

Tactical Ops

Another of our popular urban based scenario fields, Tactical Ops gives outdoor paintball fans plenty of challenging doorways, windows and alleyways to navigate. Unlike some of the other cheap paintball locations around the area, Tactical Ops gives players several buildings to control for a commanding position, just like modern day urban combat scenarios. This field is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping.

Prison Break

Designed around a prison wall and the surrounding checkpoints and car parks one would find in a real prison setting, the Prison Break field offers opportunities for distinctive attack and defend based positional tactics. We’ve also introduced new elements to the game play in the form of new defensive posts and riot shields.

Snipers Den is the number one choice for cheap paintball in Melbourne, but you wouldn’t know it from our extensive outdoor paintball zones. Come try us out today, but please book in advance as many of our more popular paintball fields book early and well in advance.

Call us on 1800 SNIPER or 9568 3969 or use our online form here to contact us.