Corporate team building activities

In the corporate world, you’re under pressure to deliver ALL the time.

You need to deliver projects with deadly-tight timelines and you need to meet sales targets. Working to meet aggressive corporate demand isn’t possible all by yourself. You need a rock solid team you can trust and rely on.

No individual is an island. One person can’t achieve it all. You’ve got to work together.

You need leadership. You need a purpose. You need positive morale. You need creative problem-solving. You need the ability to resolve conflict and clear communication amongst team members. And most of all, you need a shared vision.

It’s exactly the same with paintball. Or maybe not…

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Bucks Party Paintball Melbourne

Paintball is a FUN way to get your people working together, instantly.

Okay, okay. Paintball isn’t exactly the same as the corporate world. Paintball is GREAT FUN out in the open air, away from the concrete jungle that is the city.

But let’s get back to the real reason why you’re reading this page. You need a corporate team building activity to get your people working together in the office better. So let us reason this with you —

If you’re out on the field with paintballs shooting down upon your team, it puts the pressure on your people to look to each other for solutions. Your people need to be open with each other, communicate and proactively work together to achieve positive outcomes. If they go out there alone, they get splattered!

Paintball will get your people to learn openness, transparency and to lean on each other to achieve success — as a team.

The very fact your team will take these learnings back to the office is what makes corporate paintball so AWESOME.

When you’re under paintball pressure, the adrenaline-pumping, pulse-pounding experience will bring out the team leader in even the quietest desk clerk!

You don’t need to be athletes, just leaders and communicators

Yes, it’s true. Paintball is physical exercise. You do need to run around. Your heart rate will go up. But if you’re coming to Snipers Den for corporate team building activities, athleticism isn’t the focus of the day.

The focus is on team building. Communication. Openness. Transparency. Conflict resolution. Focusing on a shared vision and working toward goals together. You don’t need to be physically super fit. You just need to focus on working as a team.


We get people who don’t normally lead to take charge. We reverse the roles your people would normally take in the office — to cultivate leadership and communication talents where they may not have been seen before.

Who knows? Corporate paintball may lead you to find a new sales manager or project delivery lead!


We break up your usual corporate groups so that people can exercise and learn new communication skills and strategies.

You might even discover your newest contract negotiator!

It isn’t just about team building. You can blow off steam too.

It doesn’t have to be about work all the time.

We’re totally cool if you’re looking to get away from the city and the age-old exercise of hitting the bar after a long day of work.

If you want to come to Snipers Den to celebrate hitting your sales targets for a quarter, enjoy a Christmas day out or just want to blow off some steam, you’re totally welcome.

We can’t wait to play some corporate paintball with you!

Kai at the Melbourne Paintball League