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Paintball Breakout Vic5s Tournament

Vic 3s Rego Time – 15/8/21

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Vic 3s time!


New Date! 15/8/21

Let’s do it! Time to get some regos in and have a great little event.

Price will be $250 rego / entry per team and we will iron out paint in the next few weeks.

Let us know if there is a particular paint that you would like and we will do our best (zero guarantees).

Vic 3s 2021

Team Name(Required)
Contact Name(Required)
Preferred Paint



we are open

Snipers Den – Back in Business

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Hi to all who have been waiting for an excuse to get out and about again.

It’s safe to say it’s been a long year for us and it’s nice to be having customers through again.

So we are good to go! No limitation of 10 anymore.

So… Let’s Bring it on! Time for us to catch-up on all the birthday parties, work functions and bucks parties that we have missed out on all year.

Word has already gotten out and we are booking out fast so get in quick to avoid disappointment!


See you all soon!

diving paintballer

3man Tournament Update. Restrictions, teams and what to bring.

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3-man update…

Following todays update from the Premier, the tournament is set to kickoff in a far more normal fashion. Needless to say we are very excited to have it all going again. That said, here’s where we sit today….

Registered Teams So far..

Cartel Red
Cartel Black
Lumberjacks 1
Lumberjacks 2
Party Mix

Covid Rules

Life has gotten a lot easier with the new COVID rules but there are a few things we still need to be doing.
1. Contact tracing still needs to occur. Apart from the waiver there will be a second form that you will need to use to sign in and out of the venue.
2. The restrictions about masks have eased a lot but there are still some requirements that we need to remain compliant with.  Masks still need to be carried and worn when indoors, or when people cannot social distance themselves. It’s fair to say that a lot of the players are a friendly, touchy feely bunch when they play in a team but we need to make sure that people keep doing the right thing so we don’t get stitched up by not playing by the rules.

Team Pits

We will be setting the team pits on field 3 to keep plenty of distance from the rental players coming through. This may make us a little short on tables. If you have trestle tables that you can bring please do.  The 7-day forecast suggests that the temperature will be 27 degrees next Sunday so please bring shade, fluids and sunscreen as well.


As always : Gates will open at 7am, captains meeting at 8 and unless I blow a burst disk again or something, guns up at 8.30.
On that note, do us a favour, don’t try to start coming through before 7am, even if we are here, we will need a little time before to start getting ready.

See ya next week!

The rest of the info will be as per the previous information..

Snipers Den 3 v 3 – 29/11/20



paintball safety course

Safety Courses are back! 15/11 and 22/11

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Paintball Safety Courses

Firstly, we want to acknowledge all the people that have enquired about the paintball safety courses since the lockdowns started in March. In any other year, this would have represented a huge amount of players and teams that would have entered the sport. Unfortunately a turd of a virus had other ideas and stopped the safety courses in their tracks as well as the rest of our industry.
But things are looking up and we are starting to kick off the safety courses again.

The next 2 dates that we will run are :
Sunday 15/11/20 – 12.30pm
Sunday 22/11/20 – 12.30pm
We will look to add some more in the coming weeks if people cannot do Sundays.

What do I need?

Course cost is $30
Bring Photo ID such as drivers license
Takes about 1-1.5 hours + the test.
To Book – SMS Mathew on 0408535421 with the session that you would like to join.

Because Covid is a thing..

Bring and wear a face mask for the duration of the test.
We will be ensuring social distancing occurs throughout the course and test.
The course will be completed outdoors to help meet our requirements.
All participants will need to sign in at reception for contact tracing purposes.
Both sessions are limited to 10 people but we will add other timers if needed.

Cheers, hope to see you all soon!

Snipers Den 3 v 3 – 29/11/20

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Well what a year…

Who would have thought the industry and sport we all love would have been closed down for this long.
While its nice to have training back, we have decided we need to sneak in a tournament before the mess that is 2020 is over.

So here it is, time to dust off the cobwebs and see who still has what it takes.

The Basics :

3v3 – open pool.
Race to 2 format. Round Robin – Split deck games if required.
$250 per team rego – Draxxus Gold is back and $85 per box.
29th Nov – Gates open at 7 – Captains meeting at 8 – Guns up 8.30.
As always, REFs Inc will keep you all in line.
Get the regos in so we can plan but looking forward to seeing some competition back.

Some Extras

We will have a 1v1 competition added to the day – Completely Voluntary.
The 1v1 structure will depend a little on the level of interest.
1v1 will cost $20 – Half the cash will go to the winner, half will go to fXCK Cancer fundraiser.
We will be doing some additional fundraising for this great cause on the day as well so dig deep if you can.


Covid-19 response

Planning for Covid-19

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Covid-19 has caused a huge change to daily life in Australia already and if cases continue to rise, this may continue or increase. We wanted to take a moment to address what we are doing at Snipers Den paintball to make sure we are operating in the safest way possible. At the end of the day, we want all of our customers to have a fun time but more importantly, be safe in the process.

Why Paintball is still OK

There are a few reasons that we are comfortable in continuing to operate. If things change in the future, we would of course reassess this.

  • Paintball is played outdoors over a large area that reduces the transmission rate of the virus.
  • Masks are worn which already limit the transmission of the virus through coughs and sneezes

What we already do

There are systems that we already have in place already and is best practice from a hygiene perspective.

  • All masks, overalls and other rental equipment are cleaned and disinfected between every use. This system has been in place for more than 10 years and ensures customers have the best possible experience.
  • We operate small groups throughout the day meaning that the sessions are small and independent. The crossover between groups is minimal already.
  • One session time is checked in at once meaning that only your group is likely to be in the check-in building when checking in and out.
  • Toilets are cleaned daily (more if needed).

How we are stepping it up

Due to the increased risk of transmission at the moment, we are stepping things up in a few areas to minimise the potential of  transmission at the venue.

  • Staff will wear gloves when handling masks or overalls that have been worn. After handling these items, they are washing their hands with anti bacterial hand wash. This will assist in preventing transmission between groups and protect staff.
  • Antibacterial hand wash is available in the bathrooms at the venue.
  • Groups will be actively separated further to reduce any possible transmission between different sessions. We have a large outdoor area and plenty of room to spread out when groups are on a break.
  • Toilets will be cleaned twice per day with disinfectant. All surfaces in the check-in building will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.
  • We will return deposits for players who chose not to participate because they are not feeling well. While this deposit is normally nonrefundable as it is designed to cover the setup time and equipment rental, we would prefer potential participants to stay home if they are feeling unwell.
  • We will not put on staff that are not feeling well regardless of the likelihood that they have contracted Corona-19.
  • While we accept cash, we do have eftpos with tap and go to minimise the contact.

We have always purchased toilet paper in bulk and have plenty onsite so no-one needs to BYO.

We hope you all continue to participate in paintball at Snipers Den as we go through what we hope is a small interruption from a short-lived virus in Australia.



Paintball Retro Round

Vic5s – Retro Round – 5th April 2020

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The Vic5s Retro Round is upon us so lets get some regos rolling!

We are going back to a single point, round robin format, just like the old days..
Uncapped Semi, Centre Flag Games – 3min ea.

Points System :

25pts for a Flag Pull
50pts for a flag Flag Hang
5pts per live player – on the winning team only

Bonus points!

Each Pump – 5 pts
Each Mechanical – 5pts


$300 rego per team (regardless of Division)
Draxxus Gold (confirmed) – $80 per box
Rego payment needs to be made 1 week prior to the event and rego form must be filled out. (Paint sorted on the day)
Payment can be made by PayPal or bank transfer.
PayPal –
Bank Transfer – Acc Name : Snipers Den, BSB: 083-337, Acc: 32-500-4667


Best dressed in the retro theme – Free box of Draxxus Gold! – As voted by Refs inc.

Cheers – Hope to see you all there!


Paintball Training Day – Feb 2020

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Interested in getting into a new sport in 2020?

Paintball is a fun, fast paced, outdoor sport for all experience levels.

Come down and try it out on the 9th Feb.

  • Learn how to get into the sport
  • Have go with Tournament paintball guns
  • Training drills and games on the day
  • Paint at prices normally limited to licensed players.

We will not be running a safety course this week but will have one the following if we have enough interested.

Let us know if you are coming by filling out the form below..

Paintball Training Day – Jan 2020

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Interested in getting into a new sport in 2020?

Paintball is a fun, fast paced, outdoor sport for all experience levels.

Come down and try it out on the 19th of Jan.

  • Learn how to get into the sport
  • Have go with Tournament paintball guns
  • Training drills and games on the day
  • Paint at prices normally limited to licensed players.

We will also be running a Safety course for any players wanting to take the next step of getting a license. If you want to just come through for the safety course, it will start at 2pm.

Let us know if you are coming by filling out the form below..

Vic 5s Tournament - Feb 2020

Vic5s Registration – 2 Feb 2020

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Welcome to the first round of Vic5s for 2020

Please help us out by getting the registrations ASAP so we can sort out the paint order and referees.
Format will be Race to 3, M500 format with a cap on paintballs to be used per team over the tournament.

Registration fees are as follows :

$1500 per team for Div 1 – Includes 14 boxes of high quality tournament paintballs (Marbalizer or equivalent)

$1000 per team for Div 2 – Includes 10 boxes of high quality tournament paintballs (Marbalizer or equivalent)

Teams making finals will receive 1 extra box of paintballs.

To help interstate teams with transport and accom costs, there will be a discount of $200 for Div 1 and $150 discount for div 2 for teams coming in.

On the day :

Gates Open at 7am
Captains meeting at 8am
First Game at 8.30

Please fill out the form below to enter your team in the paintball Tournament.