3man Tournament Update. Restrictions, teams and what to bring.

3-man update…

Following todays update from the Premier, the tournament is set to kickoff in a far more normal fashion. Needless to say we are very excited to have it all going again. That said, here’s where we sit today….

Registered Teams So far..

Cartel Red
Cartel Black
Lumberjacks 1
Lumberjacks 2
Party Mix

Covid Rules

Life has gotten a lot easier with the new COVID rules but there are a few things we still need to be doing.
1. Contact tracing still needs to occur. Apart from the waiver there will be a second form that you will need to use to sign in and out of the venue.
2. The restrictions about masks have eased a lot but there are still some requirements that we need to remain compliant with.  Masks still need to be carried and worn when indoors, or when people cannot social distance themselves. It’s fair to say that a lot of the players are a friendly, touchy feely bunch when they play in a team but we need to make sure that people keep doing the right thing so we don’t get stitched up by not playing by the rules.

Team Pits

We will be setting the team pits on field 3 to keep plenty of distance from the rental players coming through. This may make us a little short on tables. If you have trestle tables that you can bring please do.  The 7-day forecast suggests that the temperature will be 27 degrees next Sunday so please bring shade, fluids and sunscreen as well.


As always : Gates will open at 7am, captains meeting at 8 and unless I blow a burst disk again or something, guns up at 8.30.
On that note, do us a favour, don’t try to start coming through before 7am, even if we are here, we will need a little time before to start getting ready.

See ya next week!

The rest of the info will be as per the previous information..



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