Planning for Covid-19

Covid-19 has caused a huge change to daily life in Australia already and if cases continue to rise, this may continue or increase. We wanted to take a moment to address what we are doing at Snipers Den paintball to make sure we are operating in the safest way possible. At the end of the day, we want all of our customers to have a fun time but more importantly, be safe in the process.

Why Paintball is still OK

There are a few reasons that we are comfortable in continuing to operate. If things change in the future, we would of course reassess this.

  • Paintball is played outdoors over a large area that reduces the transmission rate of the virus.
  • Masks are worn which already limit the transmission of the virus through coughs and sneezes

What we already do

There are systems that we already have in place already and is best practice from a hygiene perspective.

  • All masks, overalls and other rental equipment are cleaned and disinfected between every use. This system has been in place for more than 10 years and ensures customers have the best possible experience.
  • We operate small groups throughout the day meaning that the sessions are small and independent. The crossover between groups is minimal already.
  • One session time is checked in at once meaning that only your group is likely to be in the check-in building when checking in and out.
  • Toilets are cleaned daily (more if needed).

How we are stepping it up

Due to the increased risk of transmission at the moment, we are stepping things up in a few areas to minimise the potential of  transmission at the venue.

  • Staff will wear gloves when handling masks or overalls that have been worn. After handling these items, they are washing their hands with anti bacterial hand wash. This will assist in preventing transmission between groups and protect staff.
  • Antibacterial hand wash is available in the bathrooms at the venue.
  • Groups will be actively separated further to reduce any possible transmission between different sessions. We have a large outdoor area and plenty of room to spread out when groups are on a break.
  • Toilets will be cleaned twice per day with disinfectant. All surfaces in the check-in building will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.
  • We will return deposits for players who chose not to participate because they are not feeling well. While this deposit is normally nonrefundable as it is designed to cover the setup time and equipment rental, we would prefer potential participants to stay home if they are feeling unwell.
  • We will not put on staff that are not feeling well regardless of the likelihood that they have contracted Corona-19.
  • While we accept cash, we do have eftpos with tap and go to minimise the contact.

We have always purchased toilet paper in bulk and have plenty onsite so no-one needs to BYO.

We hope you all continue to participate in paintball at Snipers Den as we go through what we hope is a small interruption from a short-lived virus in Australia.



Covid-19 response