Vic5s Paintball Tournament – R1 2018

Vic5s Paintball Tournament Feb 4 2018 – Round 1

Round 1 of the 2018 season of Vic5s paintball tournament is fast approaching so time to get the registrations in.

The format for the 2018 season will be very different to previous years with a focus on keeping the tournament as accessible as possible to all teams.
The goal for the 2018 tournament series is to maintain a tournament model that is not cost prohibitive for teams and players wanting to play regularly.
Total registration for each team will be $1500. This includes the normal team registration and 14 boxes of paint. Please pay a minimum of $500 deposit to confirm the team so we can confirm the draw etc.

The event will Race to 3 – M500 format. Teams will be also limited to the 14 boxes allocated for the day so this will need to be taken into account as well.
There will be finals for 1st/2nd – There will be additional paint provided for teams that make finals as well.

Please get out and make the event a great one!

Any questions please call Matt or Jill at Snipers Den.

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paintball melbourne

paintball melbourne