Local food options near Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne

At Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne we often get asked for food options in the local area.

At Snipers Den, there is always the in house food options. We have a fantastic BBQ onsite that is free to use. We even provide the gas and get it hot 10min before you need it. We have Tasman Meats and Aldi right near Moorabbin airport as well as Crisp’N’Fresh for bread and salad… assuming you want salad.

The good thing about Snipers Den Moorabbin is its proximity to some great takeaway and catering options. Keep in mind that when you are running around playing paintball – you will work up a fair appetite.

Pizza Lioni in Dingley – If you are looking to cater your event and like the idea of Pizza this is a great option. They have some great options as far as toppings go and lets face it – you cant beat wood fired. The only catch here is that they are officially not open During the day on Saturday or Sunday. If you let them know that Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne sent you and order 10 or more Pizzas they will open up early just for you. And being that Dingley is only a minute away by car – they will still be piping hot when you get them.

Nearby paintball in Dingley is also Flakey Jakes Fish and Chips. Can recommend the burger options and if you go the fish – get it battered.

Subway is always a great option. Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne is close to Dingley Subway as well as the Braeside Subway. They do great platters with a lot options as well. Let us know if you need us to arrange delivery.

Last but not least is Molly Dene’s pies around the corner. Located in Braeside – about a minute away they do a heap of pie, pasty and sausage rolls options. It is worth getting the menu and ordering in advance. They will have them hot and boxed when you pull in. Try the lasagne sausage roll. Let them know Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne sent you.

Please get in touch with us if you need food for paintball in Dingley, Braeside or Heatherton. We are more than happy to help find options if you have something specific in mind – we can try to help. Call Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne if you would like to place a booking.