Vic 5s 2015 Round 1 Preview

2014 overall was a fantastic year for Victorian Paintball. We had the Newborough based side H20 (Hard to Overcome) dominate for the first 4 out of 5 rounds before being pipped in round 5. While they still walked away with the Div1 title for the year it certainly sets the scene for 2015.

With round 1 scheduled for 22nd February at Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne, the stage is set for a fantastic start to the season.

In Div1, H20 will remain the team to beat but there is likely to be more competition for them this year.
Hustle had some great rounds in 2014 and will likely improve after some time playing with the new list. Apparition was the only team to win a round from H20 and it will be interesting to see if they can do the same in 2015. Also worth a mention is the Raiders who stepped up from Div 2 to Div 1 mid season and performed very well considering a step up. With more time under the belt now in Div1 they are likely to continue to learn and adapt. They are certainly one of the most aggressive teams at the moment which makes them great to watch.

On November 30 the local Victorian and Melbourne Paintball teams were lucky enough to participate in a clinic run by arguably the best front position paintball players in the world. The level of improvement of the paintballers who participated in the clinic was extraordinary. This is sure to lead to a massive lift in the quality of local play and will make for excellent spectating.

Tournament Paintball clinic
Marcello Margott Clinic












For people wishing to spectate for the Vic5s Tournament Round 1

Location – Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne – 455 Centre Dandenong Rd Moorabbin
Entry and spectating – Free for all ages. Food and drink will be available on the day.

Safety As always your safety is our number one priority and all spectating will occur with full separation from the playing field. Snipers Den is unique with its roofed and walled structure making it safe to get close to the action whilst being safe from stray shots. We recommend people to not touch the netting as this minimizes the protection it offers.


Get in touch if you wish to spectate at this unique event but bookings are not required so fee free to just show up on the day.


Mathew – Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne