Data Review from Victorian Paintball Survey – Part 1

Recently Victorian Paintball players were asked to complete a 10 question survey on tournament paintball in Victoria.

I will be running through the details here and adding some thoughts. The raw data will be unchanged but some clarification and context will be added where it helps. I will also be adding some thoughts where they are relevant also.

Question 1

Victorian paintball survey 1
A graph showing the breakdown of events played by tournament paintball

























This was a pretty basic question that held some great info. 75% of players have played a vic5s recently according to the results.
What was surprising was the 20% that have played internationally as well as the number of people playing interstate Australian paintball events. It shows to us that people are willing to commit to the right paintball tournament.

The breakdown on the data is as follows.

Paintball events played part 2
Raw data from the first question relating to paintball events played.















There is no point putting up all the comments but it became clear that we did not add Total War or NCPL.

Question 2

Question 2 related to the amount of players that held paintball marker license.

Paintball Licence holders Victoria
Question 2 in the Victoria paintball Survey





















The concerning thing with these stats are the fact that 13 participants in the survey did not have a paintball marker license. PAVs will discuss the issue but may need to put forward more options to help people become legitimate paintball marker license holders. If you don’t have a paintball marker license and would like to get one, please contact the PAVs committee as it is an important step in participating regularly in the sport of paintball. While it is not illegal o participate in tournament paintball without a license it is wise to do so that you can purchase a paintball marker and progress in the sport.

Question 3

Another pretty straight forward question about how often people play or train in the paintball community. Probably the only notable point here is that most people play fortnightly on average. More people than expected play weekly. Great to see that there is so much activity in Victorian paintball.

Tournament paintball training
How often Victorian tournament paintball players train?



















Question 4

A breakdown on where Victorian paintball players live. About 50:50 split between country and city paintball players. In 2014 the Melbourne paintball events seemed to be better supported. It may mean that people living outside the greater Melbourne area are more willing to travel to play. Thanks to the interstate players that helped with the survey too. Helps to get a second set of eyes on the info too.

Where Victorian paintballers live
Breakdown of where Victorian paintball participants live.
























Question 5

This was a great question designed to force you all to chose one priority over another. The data that came back originally did not seem to hold many answers. Certainly no clear winner or loser on face value.

Paintball tournament priority list
Paintballers were asked to rank the factors from most to least important.

















By weighting the answers a little I was able to get a clearer picture. I gave 7 points to the issue if it was selected as most important and 0 for least important. The idea here was to weight the answers so we can piece together a clearer picture.

The answers looked a little like this…

paintball survey priorities
Most important to least important issues according to the survey











paintball player summary graph
Graph summary of the paintballer priority list.














What was interesting about these answers is while entry cost was seen as the most important, number of games was number 2. Being that more games often mean more cost this will be a tricky one to balance. There has been talk of a rate of fire capping to address this but will obviously need to be discussed and explored further. Quality competition is another one that will be harder to implement. Hopefully if the series is going well, the Vic5 series can retain better teams rather than losing them to interstate events. We also need to look at asking the better sides to either return or stay with the series to allow other teams to learn and grow.

While there has been a lot of talk about Race style play this was still in number 4 spot. Years ago the Vic5s series tried to implement a race style game play for Div 1. Unfortunately this was not supported and more recently Vic Champs in Newborough had the same problem. We would also need to balance race with the priority of cost which came in at number 1 spot.

It was also interesting to see that distance, food provided and the Sat / Sunday issue all rated pretty low.
We will take these priorities on board and use them to help make decisions in 2015 and beyond.

Part 2 to follow…..