Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne – Special Ops

Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne is on the verge of announcing the next evolution in paintball games.
We will soon be introducing the Melbourne paintball community to a new option for paintballing in Melbourne.

At Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne we understand how hard it is to put a group together.
Very soon we will be putting together a VIP membership for Snipers Den Paintball Special Ops.

It will include –
Special packages available only to Special ops members. These will apply even when playing as part of another group.
Access to closed Special OPs sessions.
Access to training normally reserved for Catagory P paintball licence holders.
Special competitions and prizes. There will also be a into pack with exclusive gear.

More details will be published as we put them together nut prepare for a shakeup to how you play paintball….