Daylight Savings Paintball

For paintball in Melbourne it is a great time of year. The days are getting warmer and longer. Saturday night the clocks move an hour forward and we lose an hour of hard earned sleep.

That means that if you want a paintball Melbourne experience we can begin to make use of the extra daylight. So get your group together after work and book in a twilight session.

In the colder months we have made many changes to the fields and improved several of the paintball games we play on them. Even if you have played with us before come down and have a fresh experience.

The midweek pricing does still apply for twilight paintball session so get in touch and let us show you what paintball is really all about.

Remember that Snipers Den is a leader in tournament paintball in Melbourne. Let us show you why the best Melbourne Paintball players play with us over all other paintball fields!

See you soon!