Paintball Age limit change update

There has been further development in drive to lower the legal age of paintball. Sadly it is not all good….
Unfortunately other bills have taken priority and the bill relating to paintball has not yet been debated. With only one sitting week before the elections in November it is almost impossible for there to be a change prior to the end of the year.

After having a close look at some of the other areas that the bill will impact, there seems to be some important components that relate to other pieces of legislation on a state and federal level and will certainly need to be considered. The worrying part of it all is that if there is a chance that the governing party will change. If this is the case there is no obligation for Labor to continue with the Bill but we are hopeful that it would be the case.

We have contacted the opposition leader Daniel Andrews for comment and any response will be published here.

Our best guess (and that is all we can do at the moment) is that the legislation will be moved to the debate stage in February and implementation in March or April. The only good news is that while the bill did not reach the debate stage it was not rejected and therefor is still on the agenda for the first few sittings after the election.

More to follow as we know more