Outdoor Paintball vs Indoor Paintball

One of the most common questions we are asked is why outdoor paintball is better than indoor paintball. Naturally being an outdoor field I am openly biased on the subject but prior to opening Snipers Den paintball we did consider both options. In the end outdoor won hands down for several reasons.

Space : – Due to the restricted size available for indoor venues the fields are naturally much smaller. Packing large groups into a small space restricts movement and any form of strategy in the game. Also because the paintball fields are smaller it also means that you are likely to be shot more often at closer range. Generally outdoor paintball fields are much larger meaning that the firefight takes place over larger distance. We often get people worried about paintball because it hurt too much last time. In the majority of cases they played indoor paintball first.

Field creation:- Being an outdoor paintball field, we can have much better obstacles. We have the room and the height to build the sort of paintball fields that we want to play on ourselves. Snipers Den has a custom built 9m long helicopter, a full tournament grade inflatable field, an urban field and a prison field complete with prison bus and elevated guard towers. Try fitting that on an indoor paintball field!

Surface :- Paintball is meant to be played on grass! As the closest outdoor paintball field to Melbourne, we at Snipers Den have spent a lot of time developing the perfect paintball surface. We have installed underground drainage to make sure that the fields don’t get too muddy in winter and keep the grass green in summer. As a result we have a great surface to play paintball on with minimal risk of an injury. Alternatively indoor fields are generally carpet on concrete which can get quite slippery when they get the paintballs soak into them.

With all these factors taken into consideration we decided to setup outdoors. We still think that the decision has allowed us to deliver the best paintball Melbourne has to offer. If you want to have a free tour of the facilities please contact Snipers Den on 1800 SNIPER for a guided tour.