Age Limit to lower to 16 and Over

There has been a massive movement in Victoria relating to the age limit of paintball. Currently there is legislation before parliament that will lower the legal age limit to 16 years in Victoria.

Early indications are that there will be no issues with the legislation passing. The act has progressed well and is being debated tomorrow. (9/7/14). Snipers Den is poised to become one of the first Victorian paintball fields to offer full under age paintball for 16years  and up. The legislation affects the ability for general and competition play. We are expecting that 16 year olds and up will soon qualify for full paintball licenses.

Also included in the legislation are some improvements that make it easier for people to work in the paintball industry. The derestriction of staff makes it easier for people to work in a part time or casual capacity at paintball fields. While we are waiting for confirmation we also expect that people under the age of 18 will soon be able to legally work as a referee at paintball fields.

Snipers Den wholeheartedly supports the proposed changes and looks forward to being the first Melbourne Paintball business to offer paintball for 16 and up. This has a massive step forward as paintball has been inaccessible to many groups due to the current age restriction. Many work groups have been unable to play for their work break ups due to under 18 yo employees. This affected any business with apprentices and many in the hospitality industry as both often have a mix of under age and over 18 employees.

We have also found that many 18 year old birthday parties have not progressed due to the fact that many of the intended participants had not reached 18 yet. This was also the fact with many bucks and hens parties where there were under 18 people that they hoped could join for the early part of the day before alcohol and mischief.

Tomorrow will be a telling day but we are confident that it will proceed and logic will prevail. We will update you all after the act is discussed tomorrow.


Snipers Den Paintball
Amendment as of 9/07/14: As it turns out – when they defer the debate until the 9/07 – What they really mean is “until the next sitting”. At this point it looks like it will be around the 5th of August that this gets debated. We are still expecting that it will go through without any drama – Just a little later than expected. Naturally we will update everyone with any developments as and when they occur.