Snipers Den Paintball 3man Tournament

On the 25/5/14 Snipers Den ran the first Pot luck 3man tournament.

5 teams played with some fantastic paintball.
After the first 5 games H20 looked unbeatable as they were yet to drop a game.
Three blind mice, a throw together team, were close on their heals – only losing to H20.
Meanwhile Ratz had a slight edge on Rush in the race for 3rd. Apathy while yet to win a point were doing well against some very experienced players in their first tournament.
Some of the games were over in less than 1 min as the experiences teams flexed their muscles.

The second half of the games were played on the newly updated Western style field. The triangle shape seemed to cause some issues for H20 who lost the first game against Three Blind Mice. Ratz held off Rush for 3rd place. Apathy performed better than they had on the Tournament field and played some great paintball. Almost taking a few teams to the time limit.

In the end, Three Blind mice won on countback of bodies over H20 who came in a strong second. Ratz finished 3rd over Rush with both teams playing solid paintball all day. Apathy came in last – and while they did not take a game in the end played far better than their results would suggest – in particular being thier first tournament ever!

At the end ofthe tournament all the players jumped on to the black hawk down field for a group shoot. Video of the hilarity will be up on youtube soon.

Looking forward now to PAVs on the 15 Jun – come down and watch the best paintball teams in Vic hit it out!